Who, What, Where is “Pamulinawen?”

“Pamulinawen, pusok indengam man, toy umas-asog, agrayo ita sadyam…” Translation:“Pamulinawen, my love, please hearken to
Me who am sighing, who am enchanted by your graciousness”
(Note: English translation lifted from Ilocos Norte Online Forum.)

Pamulinawen is one of the more popular Ilokano songs just like “Manang Biday.” I never knew that Pamulinawen existed and continues to exist except that she is now immortalized as a fountain top in what is known to be the “Pamulinawen Fountain” at the public park in front of the Provincial Capitol in Laoag City.

The fountain top is a figure of young woman holding a laden basket as is believed to be the famed Pamulinawen celebrated in a traditional Ilocano song of the same title (Ilocos Norte travel guidebook; 2005 Ed.) A closer look of the fountain would disclose that it may have been built to give glory to Ilocano harvest. Now, Pamulinawen is a festival in Laoag City celebrated every year.


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43 Responses to Who, What, Where is “Pamulinawen?”

  1. toni says:

    pano po ung agrayo ita sadiam?

  2. jo says:

    what is ibagbga mi laNg Agpayso in tagalog?

  3. Wayne Moises says:

    Naalai g dagiti mga Sao to Ilocano napo tad mga kantai diay amianan to probinsia to Ilocos ken Cagayan wenno Isabela La Union Pangasinan Tarlac Abra ken dadduma pay kanta para dagiti kailokuan ti amianan ti Ilocos/Ilocandia ili ti amianan dagiti Ilocano dios agninga!!From:Wayne

  4. Wayne Moises says:

    A popular Ilocano folk song noted for its rural life in the province of Ilocandia(Pangasinsn La Union Ilocos Sur Ilocos Norte Abra Cagayan Isabela Nueva Vizcaya and other provinces. Became popular among the Ilocano
    people to sing “Pamulinawen” translated in Tagalog English Spanish German French Italian Arabic Greek Turkish and other languages it is a popular country/folk music of Northern Luzon in the Philippines .Thanks for the information about your comments in your opinion.From:Wayne

  5. Anonymous says:

    oh ty kase nakagawa kou ng ass sa mapeh ty ulit

    by:mhie u

  6. Angelica Pablo ''AJ'' says:

    thanks for puting the english translation so that I can understand the song very well 🙂

  7. google says:

    alll…… right!!! Its more fun in the Philippines…

  8. Anonymous says:

    I miss Philippines! I just wish that I could go there anytime I want. Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it……Have A Good Day!

  9. camille says:

    i love this website!

  10. camille says:

    thnx for the good information!

  11. It doesn’t make any sense about our research, we need opinions from different personalities. REPLY ASAP.. lols

    joven: gago dim lang maawatan., takki

  12. joven says:

    bobo nio mga noobs alien language

  13. YlocanaBelle says:

    I love Ilocos. hehehe thanks for the info. they should have a Manang Biday contest (see who looks the part? complete with tabaco?) every Pamulinawen festival. 😉

  14. leah says:

    Thank you for the info, it helped a lot im my daughter’s assignment.

  15. FRESHA says:

    kakailian, ania nga agpayso aya ti kayatna saoen ti pammulinnawen? Mabalin nga nagan ti balasang ngem adda ramut nga naggapuanna kasla koma PANGLAKAYEN naggapu iti LAKAY
    wenno PANGAMAEN naggapu ti AMA…

  16. iban says:

    dimet aya nga ti pamulinawen kt bato nga nga ntangken?nabiag nga bato kunadapay dgtay apong tau.

  17. asiong says:

    Pamulinawen is the name of the maiden being couted by the singer.

    “Pamulinawen, pusok indengam man” = Pamulinawen, please hear my heart

    “Toy umas-asug agrayo ita sadiam” = This grieving man is truly in love with you

    “Panunotem man ti inka pagintutulngan” = Pls think it well, don’t try to pretend

    “Toy agayat, agrayo ita sadiam!” = This lover really cares a lot!

    “Isemmo ti diak kalipatan ta nasudi unay nga nagan” = Your smile I can’t forget with your so wonderful name

    “Uray sadin’ ti ayan, lugar sadino man” = Wherever you are, whatever place you may be

    “Aw-awagak nga di agsarday, ta naganmo nga kasam-itan” = I call out your name often, so sweet to pronounce

    Toy agayat, agrayo ita sadiam!” = This lover really cares a lot!

    I hope this will help in knowing the song…

  18. reNATo_aNGEL says:

    _kaYa q xa nkilala haha.. .
    soulmate ba kami??


  19. reNATo_aNGEL says:

    _haYy… . qng d dhl sa PAMULINAWIN… .
    bka haggang naun d q pa kla2 bf q hehe.. .
    same kmi ng report actuali sbay dn kmi naresearch hahah… .
    luv u renz.. .

  20. biskit says:

    good am hope you can help me i need the translation of the song Pamulinawen, i will teach the song in my class. thanks.

  21. MAR_ANA says:


  22. ericah says:

    it realy realy helpz……lolz

  23. ang cute ng song but di ko maintindihan bisaya kasi ako hindi ilocano!!!! and i hata it ,not the song ha but yung kumanta sa youtube pwede pa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111

  24. balazubaz69 says:

    ano po bang translation ang gusto niyo?
    from iloco to visaya? iloco to spanish? o iloco to english?
    linawin niyo lang po, para matulungan po namin kayo sa inyong pakay!

  25. enaj_esor26 says:

    hello, pwd mag ask nag favor? do you know the translation of pamulinawen and manang biday?

  26. balazubaz69 says:

    Lakay Marcos, mamati ka ngata no ibagak nga talaga a diak ammo ti kayat na a sawen ti Pamulinawen? Ammok a deta ti nagan tay Piesta idiay Laoag City ngem no pa-describe da kaniak, talaga nga awan maibagak..

  27. Lakay Marcos says:

    Talaga nga balzubas gayyem!!!! Binukbukudam ti kinabalasubas mo..

  28. balazubaz69 says:

    aren’t PAMULINAWEN and MANANG BIDAY couples wedded by APO LAKAY?
    just asking because my ilocano instinct is saying me so.. LMAO!!!

    seriously though, uray siak ket ingga ita, panpanunotek pay a talaga no asino wenno ania ni/ti Pamulinawen.. Ni Manang Biday naamammukon gapu ta adda katulong mi idi ubbingak pay a Biday ti palayaw na.. hehehe..

  29. Torn says:

    mharky, homework for what? 🙂 hope there was help somehow…

  30. mharky says:

    wow, nice one pare tapos na homework ko

  31. Constantine says:

    Sistah: Wen a, ni Daddy pay! Hahaha…Speaking of Manang Biday, I will post soon a food store called Manang Biday 🙂

  32. sistah says:

    Hey bro-do you remember Dad? Everytime he hears that song-he’ll say “Parbok daytan a!!!” That includes Manang Biday! LOL

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